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Bad Monday Simulator – Undergarf

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Bad Monday Simulator – Undergarf

You are going to encounter a ferocious enemy, maybe one of the most powerful living beings in the universe of this game! This confrontation requires a great deal of preparation, so venture for the battle only if you have enough skill to show off! Sansfield will fight in full force, so don’t hesitate to use your own special techniques, too.

However, if you are not ready for the deadly trial yet, there is an option for practice. Learn all possible attacks and determine the correct strategy which will help you in the future. Memorising the sequences is a crucial moment in this simulator, so try not to miss any movement!

Apart from that, check out alternative options to interact with your enemy. You may heal or even pray for mercy. Although the chance for you to be spared is extremely low, it won’t hurt to make an attempt and see what happens next.