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Granny 5

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Granny 5

Devious grandma is back again in another series of extreme pursuits and intense riddle-solving! This time, you will spend several nights in a deserted hotel, where your monstrous grandparents took you. Find a way out of this complex building, bypassing all the cunning traps.

In Granny 5, as in any part of this famous series, you can escape by numerous methods. Check out all of them to collect every achievement and outdo the hostile hag. Although note that each approach requires a definite scenario you need to follow. Prepare everything you need to utilise the exit you have chosen and stay back from the deadly encounters.

Any noise can draw the hag’s attention, so never throw things on the floor and don’t even think about opening the doors without checking what is behind them! Attentiveness is super important, thus, watch your back!