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Fundamental Paper Education Online

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Fundamental Paper Education Online

Find your way through the endless corridors of Fundamental Paper Education! In this thrilling game you will be alone against powerful opponents that can easily destroy you with just a few strikes. Accomplish a nearly impossible objective and prove to them that you are a worthy student!

Gameplay Fundamental Paper Education

The controls in the game are easily understandable, as most time you will spend running from the hazards and gathering needed materials. Test papers are the collectibles you need to pick up in order to win the round and finish your risky adventure. Find eight of them and return peace to the school, which was disturbed by your treacherous failure during the exams.

However, each time the tests spawn in completely random places, so you will have to spend some time wandering around and taking a look at each door. The facility is surprisingly big, although it doesn’t seem to be very populated. Only a few students dare stay there longer than they should and they may even help you out, if you agree to pay the price.

In any case, the game offers several approaches to survival. The most skilled players may complete the project even without receiving damage. However, a brilliant reaction and incredible sense of danger is needed for such an unprecedented result. But for most players there are medications and energetics dispersed all around the location.

Save strengths for the final leap

These little improvements may significantly increase your chances to stay alive in Fundamental Paper Education, so don’t neglect them if you see any! Your inventory fits three objects at the same time, allowing you to utilise several potions at a time, which enables you to escape from any enemy.

Although note that the number of the concoctions in the game is limited and additional portions may be acquired only through purchasing it in the nearest vending machine. This also causes some undesired noise, which may attract the attention of a teacher who may roam somewhere nearby.

Lurk into the secret places

One of the most enthralling features of Fundamental Paper Education is the abundance of hidden places and enigmas. You may not find all of them on the first try, but you will surely be amazed by one when you discover it! Take a closer look at the most distant parts of the school and visit the corners that conceal shocking facts about its residents and the events that happen there.