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Fundamental Paper Education

Take a look at the school life of an ordinary student named Claire. Paper School with its interesting monochrome landscapes is waiting for you to investigate it and participate in its energetic life! Get along with the other schoolmates and maybe even with the educators to be able to survive in such a strange place.

A few facts about Fundamental Paper Education

This interesting game is based on the eponymous series and it was created by Gooble at, an amateur developer who has their unique style nonetheless. The full version for pc that is placed on immediately attracted lots of fans of the series and amazed with its stunning visuals and riveting gameplay.

Fundamental Paper Education will also be a good game to check out for the fans of Baldi and the mods connected to him! Collect the tests to fix a bad result you have got in the geometry class. This mistake may cost your life though, as Miss Circle is already wandering around the corridors, looking for you to slash you in half!

Fundamental Paper Education

How to play Fundamental Paper Education

The controls in this thrilling horror game are incredibly easy, as you just need to move on with the WASD buttons. At the same time, you will have to display some knowledge in maths and science areas, as your main goal is to improve your results in it.

  • Search for the desired papers. The only way to make your score better is to answer the quizzes once again and gain enough points. Go through all eight multiple choice questions to get rid of the dangerous pursuer.
  • Communicate with your schoolmates. Sometimes, you can’t make do without help. That is where your acquaintances may come in handy. Ask them what they want in return to their services and determine whether this price is acceptable for you.
  • Beware the angry teacher. Every bad student in Fundamental Paper Education should receive a punishment for their mistakes and you are not the exception! Miss Circle is your main obstacle on the way to freedom, so try to stay back from her or just give her some oreos.
  • Collect useful resources. While roaming around the school, you may encounter curious objects that may save you in a perilous situation. For example, keep a couple of healing potions with you, if the sword of the teacher actually reaches you.
  • Don’t waste time! The game doesn’t let you rest even for a second, as each one is counted and displayed by the timer. The more you hesitate, the more dangerous your opponent gets, so try to accomplish everything quickly and without any fuss.

Meet with multiple fascinating characters

Fundamental Paper Education features lots of stunning heroes, both teachers and students. They all have their distinct personalities and curious peculiarities you may even benefit from! These main personages are going to keep you company during your enthralling examination:

  • Claire. She is the main hero and one of the most hard-working residents at school. However, this time she was unlucky with her maths test and she is in big trouble because of her failure!
  • Abbie. He is a very shy and anxious boy, but he is not useless at all! Try to talk to him in the hall and he will tell you some interesting information about the enemies and their habits.
  • Miss Circle. Being the strictest and the most unpredictable teacher in Fundamental Paper Education, she really amazes with her cruelty towards the kids. One failure is enough for her to put out her sharp compass and poke you with it, so be careful!
  • Miss Bloomie. Not as violent as Miss Circle, she won’t leave you easily, too. Science is her passion and she won’t forgive the ones who don’t pay enough attention to her subject.

Fundamental Paper Education

Keep an eye on your health

Run around the facility as long as you feel well! Three hearts on top of the screen represent how many tries you have until the vicious opponents destroy you! One kick in Fundamental Paper Education takes a heart away from you and if you don’t do something quickly, the outcome will be grave!

Luckily, there is the opportunity to improve your survivability a little. Find a red potion and drink it to feel a lot better. There is also a blue vial which may give you additional acceleration, when the foes are tagging along. Although, apply all of them carefully, as the additional ones are available only for cash! Moreover, the inventory contains only three items simultaneously.

Show off your exceptional knowledge

Although Claire is a very smart student and the professors claim that they made the tests super simple, there are still lots of places where you may fail. From the calculations in Miss Circle’s class to Miss Bloomie’s general questions in the science area, you will have to pass all of them without any mods to make the tasks any easier.

When collecting a paper in Fundamental Paper Education, you never know what is waiting for you there, so prepare for a true trivia. Tick the right answers and hope you complete everything correctly, gaining the needed number of points to go on. Otherwise, the game will make you regret the lack of education in the most brutal manner!

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“Fundamental Paper Education” is an engaging game that has captivated players with its intricate gameplay and hidden secrets. Here are some notable Easter eggs and secrets that you might find intriguing:

1. The Hidden Classroom

In the game’s main hub, there’s a secret classroom that can be accessed by solving a complex series of puzzles involving the chalkboards. To enter this hidden area, you need to:

  • Arrange the books in the library in alphabetical order.
  • Solve the math puzzle on the main hallway chalkboard.
  • Collect all the golden pencils scattered throughout the game.

2. Developer’s Room

There’s a special room dedicated to the developers, filled with behind-the-scenes content. To find this room:

  • Navigate to the art room and look for a painting with a slightly different color palette.
  • Interact with the painting to reveal a hidden door.
  • Inside, you’ll find concept art, early sketches, and messages from the developers.

3. Secret Ending

Achieving the secret ending requires completing the game with a perfect score and finding all hidden collectibles. This ending provides additional story details and a teaser for a potential sequel. Key steps include:

  • Completing all assignments with an A+ grade.
  • Finding all the hidden report cards.
  • Accessing the locked drawer in the principal’s office with a special key.

4. The Golden Ruler

Throughout the game, there are hidden fragments of a golden ruler. Collecting all these fragments unlocks a powerful tool that provides hints and solutions to difficult puzzles. The fragments are often well-hidden in obscure corners of various classrooms and hallways.

5. The Haunted Locker

In the school’s locker room, one locker emits a strange glow. Opening this locker requires:

  • Solving the locker combination puzzle found in the library.
  • Collecting the special glow-in-the-dark key hidden in the janitor’s closet.
  • Inside, you’ll find a spooky story and a rare collectible item.

6. Interactive Whiteboards

Some of the whiteboards in the game are interactive and reveal secrets when you draw specific patterns. These patterns are often hinted at in the game’s lore or through cryptic notes found in student desks. Successfully drawing these patterns can unlock new clues or hidden areas.

7. The Principal’s Secret

The principal’s office has a secret safe behind a bookshelf. To unlock it:

  • You need to find the three hidden key cards scattered in the teacher’s lounge, the cafeteria, and the gym.
  • Once opened, the safe contains crucial information about the school’s history and a rare collectible item.


Fundamental Paper Education is a wonderful game for those, who enjoy the atmosphere of survival in the educational facilities. You are constantly pursued by the furious professors, the tests are scattered everywhere and you have a limited amount of time to finish your task successfully. Will you handle such an impossible challenge or will you become the next victim of your ferocious adversaries?