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Basics in Behavior

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Basics in Behavior

Welcome to the Paper School, a place where you either study and gain good grades or get diminished by the teachers! Try not to catch the eye of ferocious Miss Circle and other professors to stay alive in this violent facility. Depend only on yourself and you will succeed in your studies!

Gameplay Fundamental Paper Education

Being a part of Fundamental Paper Education, Basics Behavior will get you acquainted with the main characters and antagonists. Taking the role of Claire, one of the most intelligent students, you will have to survive in the middle of chaos, meeting your new classmates simultaneously.

The incidents start right from the beginning, when Abbie makes Miss Circle angry about his failing the test. Now anyone with bad marks will be taken down and you should be worried, as your marks happened to be not very good as well! Try to improve the situation by passing the tests again, this time acquiring enough points to keep the teachers satisfied.

However, the game won’t let you achieve that easily. Firstly, the papers should be collected throughout the whole school, which is monitored by the most insufferable educators. Make your way bypassing them and gather the successful quizzes to win the round.

How will your first day at a new school end?

Depending on your results, Fundamental Paper Education offers several endings. Complete the main task and figure out the additional ones to arrive at the best final and leave the building alive. But in case you are caught by Miss Circle more than three times, your adventure ends immediately!

Thus, make sure that you have enough strengths to continue the way and check the answers you mark in the papers carefully. Each failure makes your enemies stronger and your journey more complicated, so it is extremely important to be completely accurate in your work!

The game conceals hidden possibilities though, that you may encounter by chance or look for them specifically. Collect multicoloured bottles with the concoctions in it that make you either livelier or faster.