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Siren Head: Retribution

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Siren Head: Retribution

Delve into the blood-curdling atmosphere of Siren Head: Retribution! This project shows that sometimes our plans are not meant to come true. You were just minding your business, working as a mechanic in a distant village, but something went wrong and now you are left alone in the middle of nowhere.

There is a devious creature roaming around these terrains, too and it won’t let you out of here alive. Despite all the difficulties, try to outwit the beast and return to your friends and family. This mission is going to be extremely complicated, but there is no other choice!

While you are making your way through the darkness of the ranger station, feel the full spectrum of terror, anxiety and despair that are looming lower and lower. Don’t make any noise and disguise in the shadows as much as you can, so that the strange alien doesn’t see you.