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Fundamental Paper Education 2

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Fundamental Paper Education 2

Fundamental Paper Education is a place where you can experience anxiety, encouragement, confusion and other powerful emotions simultaneously! This game is designed for those who enjoy endless roaming around, searching for diverse objects. Embark on another puzzle-solving adventure and show off your intellectual abilities!

Gameplay Fundamental Paper Education

Move around using the standard set of buttons and accelerate when the opponents are tagging along dangerously close. It will take no effort to master the controls, but it will be quite complicated to utilise them in the intense situations. The game is full of sudden twists, so it may be hard to concentrate on the main mission!

However, your anxiety should prevent you from reaching the collection of papers you need to prove your level of knowledge in exact sciences is enough for the strict teachers to let you go. Apply every fact you can extract from your memory and the to fill in the blanks and gain the highest number of points.

Fundamental Paper Education also includes other intriguing aspects, such as interacting with your schoolmates. Meet Abbie in the school halls and ask him about the possible ways to distract Miss Circle.

Don’t let them catch you!

Although, even with a decent strategy it can be quite hard to get away from the infamous maths teacher. At the beginning of the project, she will be slow, but the more miscalculations you make, the more speed she gains!

Make do with the magical blue vials that accelerate you to the maximum. Around the facility you can also pick up a red vial, which will come in handy in case you have lost a couple of lives. In general, Fundamental Paper Education gives you three of them, but each attack costs you one and if you don’t replenish them in time, the game will be over.

Check out different modes

In case the game doesn’t look too sophisticated for you and you crave for more challenge, Fundamental Paper Education presents several modes. The classical one is suitable for those, who want to take pleasure in the demanding trial, but don’t want to suffer too much.

However, the impossible regime is dedicated to those players, who have enough experience to step into a real nightmare. All the opponents move extremely fast right from the beginning, there are no medications and the time for solving the puzzles is limited. Will you handle such an impressive level of difficulty?